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Are you thinking about getting clear aligners, but aren’t sure if they’re a good fit for you? Secret Smile has clear aligners that will give you the most beautiful smile you can ever dream of. Here’s why you should choose clear aligners from us:

They Are Invisible

Our clear liners are invisible, making them a more appealing and convenient alternative to metal braces. No one will notice you are wearing them!

They are Removable

Our aligners are super easy to use and removable. You can remove them when you eat, brush your teeth and clean them. When you’re done, you can easily snap them back in. This also means that you can eat whatever you want when you take them out!

Less Chance of Tooth Discolouration

With metal braces, you run into the chance of tooth discolouration around the metal brackets when they are removed. With clear aligners, you don’t have to worry about this happening.

They are Comfortable

Aligners are a much more comfortable option compared to metal braces. Metal braces can be painful and scratch the inside of your mouth. The aligners don’t have any sharp edges so you don’t have to worry about your mouth getting scratched. They put gentle pressure on your teeth, but not enough to cause you any discomfort. Once you get used to wearing the aligners, your treatment will be comfortable.

They are Easy to Maintain

Taking care of your aligners is a very simple process. As long as you follow the instructions from the dentist, the process will go by smoothly. Most of these instructions include:

  • Wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day
  • Don’t eat or drink while wearing your aligner, except for water
  • Don’t smoke with clear aligners
  • Gently clean your aligners with a soft toothbrush before putting them back in
  • Always brush and floss your teeth before putting the aligner in your mouth
  • Attend all your appointments when scheduled

No Food Restrictions

When you wear metal braces, they come with plenty of food restrictions. No sticky candy, gum, popcorn, or anything that can break off your metal brackets. With clear aligners, there are no restrictions since you take them out to eat. So you can eat all the corn on the cob, apples, or toffee candy you want!

They are Metal Free

While you don’t hear about it often, there are a small percentage of people who have an allergy to metal, so they can’t use metal braces. Our clear aligners have no metal at all, making them the perfect option for anyone who can’t use traditional braces due to allergies.

Fewer Appointments

With clear aligners, you don’t have to come into the clinic as often as you would with metal braces. You only need to come in once every 4 – 6 weeks. When you have metal braces, your appointments consist of your mouth being poked and prodded with metal and wires. With the clear aligners, you don’t have to worry about any of that during your appointments!

Good For Special Events

If you have a special event coming up and you don’t want to have metal on your teeth for the photos, don’t worry! Our clear aligners are invisible, but you can also remove them for your big special occasion! This way, you don’t have to worry about there being any orthodontic appliances in your mouth for the event, and you can smile freely in memorable photos!

New, Beautiful Smile

Most importantly, our clear aligners will give you the biggest, most vibrant smile ever. You will even be able to see exactly what your new smile will look like along the way thanks to photos and advanced 3D imaging techniques. During the treatment, you will change your aligners out for new ones every two weeks or so, as prescribed by your dentist. Once the process is complete, you’ll be able to show your new, beautiful smile to the world with confidence.

At Secret Smile, we look forward to helping you and giving you a smile you will love for years to come. Don’t wait to get your clear aligners, contact us today at (416) 860-5902 and check our website for more information!